Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Around the Web

I follow 10-15 different blogs each day. Instead of posting strictly "original" material on my blog, periodically I will start highlighting some of the good material that I have been reading recently, hoping that you may find the posts beneficial also.

  •  Being the Dung Gate Guy. This post and video inspired a recent post on my blog. The 40 minute video is worth watching.
  • Simon Prevette. A guest blogger on Kevin DeYoung's site wrote this power account of a man who powerfully impacted his church. Almost every church has "Simon Prevettes", one of Maywood's was Miss Ginny who recently was called home to glory.
  • Is it Ok for Christians to Drop OMGs? Great posting and insight into one of my pet peeves. 
  • 14 Tips for Time Management. Church consultant and researcher Thom Rainer offers practical suggestions to control our days rather than having our days control us.
  • Why Gay Marriage is Good (and Bad) for the Church. Trevin Wax provides great insight to this issue in light of the recent Supreme Court decision.

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