Wednesday, April 20, 2016

T4G Reflections

Last week I attended Together for the Gospel ( in Louisville, Kentucky. The three-day conference was packed with teaching sessions, breakouts, worship, and a huge bookstore/exhibit hall. It was intense. I returned home mentally and physically exhausted.

The speaker line up included many of my favorite authors and radio/podcast preachers, including  Al Mohler, John MacArthur, Matt Chandler, Kevin DeYoung, John Piper, and David Platt. As expected, each boldly proclaimed the Word of God, challenging the nearly 10,000 attendees in their ministries and lives. While I deeply respect these men and their ministries, I left with a deeper appreciation for my pastors and the “local pastor” as a whole.

Like most pastors, mine have not written best seller books, have widely read blogs, or have popular podcasts. Outside of my church, they are not well known. Nobody is rushing up for Sunday morning selfies with them. Yet, Gary, Dave, Ben, and Aaron faithfully proclaim the Word of God each week as they have been called by God to do. They dutifully study, prepare, and lead their respective ministries, while balancing other commitments and family responsibilities. I am grateful for them.

It is easy to get enamored with the “celebrity pastors”. Yet, let us thank God for our pastor(s), shepherding our churches each week. Be sure to express our appreciation to them also.

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